Riteco Development originated out of the Graphic Design and development needs of our sister company: Riteco ICT’s, existing client base. The Core focus of Riteco ICT was to provide quality Managed IT Solutions and Services at a budget that Small to Medium Sized Enterprises could afford. Due to a higher demand for Design and Development, a new division was established: Riteco Development. At Riteco Development we have maintained the focus of high-standard based task delivery at a fraction of the actual market price, and have ever since managed to keep our existing clients happy and are creating many new ones as we speak.


The success of Riteco Development firstly, descended from the fact that our passionate, experienced, talented and skilled team has a lot in common. We do things different; in an unique way that stands us out and sets us a part. In addition, we constantly strive to become better in what we do, and the way we do it. If possible, we will attempt to propose or integrate the latest technology for the sake of making our client's lives easier. We have a customer-centric culture, and after listening effectively and gathering every bit of information from the client's brief, we go ahead and conceptualise the requirements and discuss it with the team. It is important for us to take the time in evaluating and confirming we are on the right track with the client requirements. Even though it might take some extra time occasionally, this guarantees the best result for the client, yet at a good price. We only get high on compliments so we will do anything to earn it.