Aliki has had a interesting and varied career spanning 30 years working in both advertising agencies and in-house agencies or studios for big corporate companies. This has allowed her to gain experience in a varied spectrum of projects.

Corporate identities, branding and logo design have been a core function. Giving and carrying a corporate identity through over a large variety of work is vital. Annual reports, brochures, pamphlets and catalogue experience in many fields too. Packaging design for a variety of products has been a function. Posters, outdoor banners and point of sale are a a few among others she been involved with.

A passion for design and attention to detail are standard for all projects big or small. She has an inquisitive nature and usually does much research around any design job she tackles.

Creating something out of a blank canvas ... or making words/thoughts/ideas make sense... is the name of the game and will never stop till a solution is found!